Our Superiority


Shanghai Metal Corporation is aimed to deliver quality service and represents itself as an integrated global manufacturer, exporter, and supplier with offices and subsidiaries are located all around the world. In other words, SMC operates its business to Asia, America and Europe.

With each day, Shanghai Metal Corporation provides high quality products and reliable services, embodying our company's commitment. Shanghai Metal Corporation is recognized as one of the top superior trading groups. We offer the widest range of Metal Products, Building Materials, Shipping Containers and Machinery.

Since 1998, Shanghai Metal Corporation has strived to put the customer first. We have found that strong connections and a solid responsibility to quality and service are the foundation of good business. Thus, SMC has been operating diligently to satisfy the wants of an increasing world market demand.

We pride ourselves on having the ability to upset the strain of our discerning purchasers however additionally guide and advise wherever necessary.

SMC's unique selling proposition (USP) is to give the "Best Service, Effective Management, And Rigorous Craftsmanship. Take Steps to World-class Standard."

By following our mission, SMC is the world's leading steel manufacturer. We reach our goals through service, management and craftsmanship.

Besides our mission, the distinctiveness of SMC can be seen in products and services. Our products and services include six potential traits.

Starting with convenience: SMC avoids complications that make customers easy to buy our products. By having 13 factories around China, Honk Kong and Taiwan and working externally, SMC gives "one-quit shopping".

"One-Stop Shop" includes purchasing, value-added manufacturing, packaging and delivery.



Shanghai Metal Corporation employs a group of acquisition professionals who devoted their time and push to keep up their ability in electronic and customary obtainment parts and as dependably considering our customers' needs.

All organizations lead acquisition action, yet the aggregate cost, proficiency, and adequacy of this part of the operation changes generally.

In addition, all employees have undergraduate academic degree in specific field according their job position.

Value-Added Manufacturing

Value-Added Manufacturing Services not just spare our client time from outing source, additionally save them the cost of managing a few dissimilar shops and due dates.

Our Value-Added Services Include:

Framing: Carving Metal Materials Into Sought Shapes.

Twisting: SMC brake presses and other concentrated machine presses are able to create different variety of shapes such as:  V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape along a straight hub in flexible materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and etc.

Punching: SMC is capable of fabricate exceptional punches and passes on in view of tests or drawings. drawings.

完成: SMC framed metal is done and cleaned for disposing of all the unpleasant spots, edges, and so forth. In the mean time, there are extra surface medicines, for example, painted or powder covered.

Cutting: SMC offers few courses in which a metal sheet can be handled or cut, for example, shearing, slitting, rough cutting, laser cutting, and so on.

Electro Galvanization Process:It is possible to complete electro-stirred treating prepare, which is basically painting a bit of steel with zinc-rich paint.

Hot Dip Galvanization Process: Tanks and planning vital types of gear are accessible to acknowledge your steel item to have hot plunge arousing handle. We acknowledge HDP treating by your prerequisite.


Packaging is done according to the product you have purchased. All products are packed according standards always.


Shanghai Metal Corporation provides "All-The-Way" Logistic Service Solutions, to include:
•International Trade Agent Service;
•International Goods Forwarding;
•Professional Customs Brokerage;
•Door-To-Door Transportation;
•Supplier's Stock Management.

Grâce à la gestion du trafic, le SMC peut assumer toutes les responsabilités et apporter toute l 'aide possible.

Moreover, Shanghai Metal Corporation utilizes almost 3,000 industry authorities, who all cooperate to change thoughts and advancements into answers for supportable improvement. It is also very convenient in terms of availability and usage. Our steel, copper, aluminum, container, machine and fastener are applied all cross the world.

Next One Is Reliability:All our customers can be confident that SMC provides the best quality product and service and be sure that it never fails. Quality:as it is already mentioned, SMC provides only high quality which makes our company be luxury in its field. By obtaining our product/service, all clients are guaranteed to get durable, good quality goods.

What is more, due to consequence of SMC's persistent and devoted client bolster all through its broad history, SMC has had long-term relationships with the world's most prestigious organizations including LG, Philips, Toshiba, and ALSTOM.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is also known because of its superior customer service:SMC employees are always available for customers. We strive to give them peace of mind and all our clients know that they can count on SMC.

Emotion:all supplied service/product make our customer feel happy and have positive emotions. By satisfying our customers, SMC satisfies itself and finds inspiration.

Price:SMC give the best quality with the lower price, which makes it better compare to other competitors on the worldwide market.

Without doubts it will not be possible to achieve without strong, well organized work environment.

By having a strong supportive culture, SMC's employees within the company offer mutual support, promote trust and know that their work is meaningful.

Professional growth is a priority within Shanghai Metal Corporation. Instead of growing employees' skills to match the company's needs, SMC looks for ways to grow the company based on employees' passions.

Having international environment is essential.SMC always welcome interns from all around the world to increase efficiency. By having several different cultures, the knowledge is gained and skills developed as well. Shanghai Metal Corporation believes that working with people who are supportive and understanding fosters personal connections and professional growth.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is not afraid to face challenges. These challenges allow employee to grow and learn new skills. That is why SMC's employees are open and able to attain as much as possible and be ready to any situation.