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Autonomous Mobile Disinfection Robot

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  • Dimension: 410*410*1100mm
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Shanghai Mac Corporation is a leading Autonomous mobile disinfection robot supplier and manufacturer.

The Autonomous mobile disinfection robot of Shanghai Mac Corporation adopts all the components developed independently, and eliminates the practical functions of automatic lifting and infrared temperature scanning, so it has lower cost and higher cost performance. The disinfection robot supports touch panel operation and remote mobile phone operation, which makes the operation easier.

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    1. According to the route planned in advance, the whole space can be sprayed with disinfectant and ultraviolet disinfection.

    2. Comprehensive monitoring, including the monitoring of electricity and disinfectant, and can automatically return to the original place for replenishment when the electricity and disinfectant are about to run out.

    3. The height limit and flight speed limit of line spraying operation can be set. The high-pressure spraying system has a good atomization effect. Under the wind pressure of the aircraft, the medicine mist has the characteristics of strong penetration, and the medicine mist particles can reach the stem and crop leaves.

    4. Adopt industrial-grade flight control system, with the safety protection function of automatic return-to-home in case of loss of control

Technical Information of autonomous mobile disinfection robot:


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