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Cake Display Case

  • Model Number: SMC
  • Dimension: 1200*800*1100MM
  • Place of Origin:China

Our products range includes cake showcase and customized personality high-end products. Our services many well-known multinational companies, which involves bakeries, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, medicine, scientific research, schools and other food providing industries. Over 170 after-sales service networks are spread in China. Our products are also exported to many foreign countries and areas, such as America, Australia, Singapore, and so on. 

Cake Display Fridge:The cake refrigerated display cabinet is suitable for supermarkets, cake shops, bakeries and other occasions, mainly used to store cakes, breads, desserts, etc. Our products have a variety of specifications and styles of curved cake refrigerated display cabinets and right-angle cake refrigerated display cabinets. It is made of 304 high-quality mirror stainless steel plate, which is beautiful and generous.



  • 3-feature.jpg

    1,The cake chiller showcase is Front open or Back sliding door optional ;

    2, Two temper glass decks with angel adjustable, more decks are possible;

    3, High quality compressor be used and LED light inside;

    4, Front glass with heater film can make sure there is no fog or drops be stained;

    5, Every 1hour or 2 hours compressor shut down automatically, save the energy.;

    6, With casters at the bottom,convenient to move;

    7. The cake cooler showcase pull temperature down within 20mins once compressor working

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  • 4-advantage.jpg

    1. Explosion-proof and anti-misting front glass panel, high visibility(92%), high humidity (90% ambient humidity).

    2. Features ultra clear glass, color reproduction of the inside products up to 92%.

    3. LED interior lighting,the lower part of cabinet come with baseboard and lighting design.

    4.Elegant look, silent design, energy saving, large capacity, excellent display effect.



This cake display freezer is highly recommended to bakeries, cafes, restaurants, hotels, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, fruit shops, convenience stores, etc .


Packaging of Cake Display Case:

1. Inner package:plastic transparent film and white foam

2. Middle package:small pieces of wood and screws

3. Outside package:standard export wooden case

4. Customize according to your need.


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