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Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders

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Cryogenic liquid cylinders, sometimes also referred to as Dewater, are insulated, vacuum jacketed, pressurized vessels. They come equipped with safety relief valves and rupture disks to alleviate pressure buildups

These cylinders come in a variety of sizes ranging from 80-450 liters. They can be equipped to provide gas through an internal vaporizer or provide liquid under their own internal vapor pressure. These cylinders are usually filled by the users at filling stations throughout the campus. All users must wear proper PPE when filling and discharging.

Cryogenic cylinders routinely relieve their internal pressure and you may observe a sudden hissing sound and the appearance of a fog. This is completely normal.

When using cryogenic cylinders, users should ensure that all valves and pressure relief devices are in place and in good condition. If pressure relief devices fail, catastrophic failure may result.

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    Liquid Capacity: 175L-500L

    Applicable medium: LO2, LN2, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG.

    Design: Vertical/ Horizontal

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    Durable, easy to manage and operate

    Different working pressures, 203psig/ 291psig/ 460psig available

    Simple, quick liquid/ gasses withdraw

    Ideal for industrial and medical application use, for LO2/ LN2/ LCO2 and LAr storage

    Fire-resistant material heat-insulate inner container winding layer


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    Cryogenic liquid containers, also referred to as liquid cylinders, are double-walled vacuum vessels with multilayer insulation in the annular space. They are designed for the reliable and economic transportation and storage of liquefied gases at cryogenic temperatures

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