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Fiberglass Mesh

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Shanghai Mac Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Fiberglass Mesh with high quality and reasonable price.

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    1. Good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement erosion and other chemical corrosion; And resin bond strong, soluble in styrene and so on.

    2. High strength, high modulus and light weight.

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  • 3. Better dimension stability, hard, flat, not easy to contract deformation and positioning.

    4. Good impact resistance. (due to its high strength and toughness)

    5. Anti-mildew and insect repellence. 6. Fire, heat preservation, sound insulation and insulation.

Technical Information of Fiberglass Mesh:

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Packaging of Fiberglass Mesh:

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Application of Fiberglass Mesh:

1) Wall reinforcing material (such as fiberglass wall mesh, GRC wall panel, EPS internal wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.

2) Enhance cement products (such as Roman Columns, flue, etc.

3) Granite, Mosaic net, marble back net.

4) Waterproof rolling material cloth and asphalt roofing waterproof.

5) Strengthen the skeleton material of plastic and rubber products.

6) Fire prevention board.

7) Grinding wheel base cloth.

8) Earthwork grille for road surface.

9) Building and seaming belts and so on.

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