Francis Turbine

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Francis turbine is a kind of turbine suit to water head 20-300meters and with certain suitable flow.

It could be divided into vertical and horizontal arrangement. Francis turbine have the advantage of high efficiency, small size and reliable structure.

Horizontal Francis turbine unit, with horizontal shaft, could be 2 or three supports. Which is normally one stair arrangement. Simple structure, easier operation and maintainence.

Vertical Francis turbine unit, with vertical shaft, metal spiral case or concrete spiral case. With adjustable guide vane, and stay ring etc parts, are suit to runner diameter bigger than 1000mm. Our engineer will select the most suitable Francis turbine for your hydro power project.

ShanghaiMac can supply Francis turbine, Pleton turbine, Kaplan turbine, Propeller turbine, Tubular turbine etc. as well as butterfly valves, gate valves, ball valves, and all kinds of electrical panels.

ShanghaiMac is an experience supplier for hydropower plant and served for more than 100 hydropower plants and our engineers have more than 20 years' experience.

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    Water Head: 10m-700m

    Power range: 50KW-20MW

    Runner Diameters: 0.45m-5m

    Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

    Generator Voltage: 400V, 800V, 6300V, 10500V


  • Layout pattern: Horizontal or Vertical

    Material: Stainless Steel ZG0Cr13Ni4Mo

    Excitation: Brushless or Static excitation system

    Lifespan: 50 years

    Generator Insulation: F/F

    Water Turbine Type: Pelton turbine, Francis turbine, Turgo turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Turgo Turbine, Tubular Turbine

    This belongs to customized products. We could design products according to your requirement. All of our products are strictly designed and manufactured under ISO9001 quality management system and TUV, BV.

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