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Hand Chain Hoist/Manual Chain Block/ Chain Hoist

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  • Dimension: Diameter of Load Chain: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
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Shanghai Mac Corporation is a leading Hand Chain Hoist manufacturer and supplier.Hand Chain Hoist is suitable for short distance lifting of small equipment and cargo, lifting weight generally does not exceed 10T, the maximum can reach 20T, lifting height generally does not exceed 6m. 

The shell material of Hand Chain Hoist is high quality steel alloy, strong wear resistance, high safety performance. When lifting heavy objects by Hand Chain Hoist, pull the chain clockwise, the hand sprocket rotates; when bring down the objects, pull the chain counterclockwise, the brake seat and the brake pad separate from each other, the ratchet gets static under the action of the pawl, five tooth long shaft drives the lifting sprocket to run in the opposite direction, to smoothly drop the heavy objects. 

Hand Chain Hoist has the characteristics of safety and reliability, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, small tension of the bracelet, lighter weight to carry, beautiful appearance, small size, durable; and is suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, docks, warehouses, etc., used as installation machines, lifting goods, especially for open air and no power operations. The main parts of the Hand Chain Hoist are made of steel alloy. The chains are 800Mpa high-strength lifting chains, and the material is generally 20M2, medium frequency quenching heat treatment, low wear and anti-corrosion. High strength hook, usually made of steel alloy, forged hook design ensures slow lifting and avoids overload; comply with the European CE safety standard.

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    Capacity: 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, 20T, etc.

    Standard Lift: 3m

    Diameter of Load Chain: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

    Application: factories, mines, construction sites, wharves, docks, warehouses, etc.

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    1. In line with international standards, safe and reliable, durable.

    2. Good performance and easy maintenance.

    3. High toughness, small size, light weight, easy to carry.

    4. Small hand tension, high machine strength.

    5. Compact and advanced structure, beautiful appearance.

    6. Lift the cargo from an area without power supply.

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