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Handheld Inkjet Printer

  • Model Number: SMC
  • Dimension: 35* 24* 18 cm
  • Place of Origin:China

Inkjet printers can be sprayed with trademark logo, Chinese and English fonts, numbers, barcodes and QR codes. Different materials have different types of inkjet printers.

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    1. The printable contents of H6 hand-held intelligent jet printer include: time, production (validity), batch number, bar code, two-dimensional code, multiple surface marking images of different materials.

    2. With hand-held spray bracket and transmission platform, you can build a fully automated production line spray code. Combination accessories KELIER are available for sale. You can click to consult us for details.

    3. The fastest transmission speed of the transmission station can reach 70 meters per minute. It can adjust the printing speed and transmission speed. It is very suitable for spray code printing of cartons, cartons, boards, plastic bottles, PVC pipes, aluminum foil, etc.

    4. High speed, low noise and clear printing.

    5. No need for carbon transfer ribbon.

    6. Quickly position the paper with a dual media sensor to ensure accurate print position.

    7. Auto printing temperature control, the machine can offer service time and enjoy longer lifetime.

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    1. Handheld inkjet printer is the most mature technology because of its extensive application, mature technology and long service life.

    2. Through TIJ inkjet technology, we can print the graphics in the shortest time and finish the fine marking process.

    3. Handheld supports or customized production line accessories can be configured according to user requirements.

    4. It can automatically mark data, serial number bar code.

    5. It can be used for data communication and networking, and support online variable data printing.


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    1.High-sensitivity capacitive touch screen

    2. Through inkjet technology, we can print the graphics in the shortest time and finish the fine marking process.

    3. Machine writing or U disk import print content(csv, .txt, .log)

    4. Available in 14 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, German, Dutch, Chinese)

    5. Installing ink cartridges is simpler and more convenient, and adopts the principle of installation self-locking.

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Packaging of Handheld Inkjet Printer:

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  • Rolled Cople for pipe

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