LED Solar Street Light

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  • Dimension: 48 - 60mm
  • Place of Origin:Shanghai
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    1. Application with Polyester Substance in its Surface.

    2. Implement of Reflect: Made of High Purity Aluminum.

    3. Cover: High Strength and High Transparent Toughened Glass.

    4. Fastener Bolt and Screws: Stainless Steel.

    5. Arm Diameter: 48 - 60mm.


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    - All in one intelligent design: Put solar panel, LED lamp, battery and controller all in one box

    - Without any cable,easy to install and ship

    - Longer service life

    - Long lighting time: over 80 hours

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  • A. Solar Panel

    Monocrystalline solar panel from 30W to 310w, efficiency of more than 19%

    High efficient, Aluminum frame, tempered glass.

    10 years warranty for solar panels: 20 years power generation capacity.

  • B. LED Lamp

    High power LED light source from 20W to 200w, with more than 80000 hours lifespan.

    Lamp housing: die-casting aluminum, glass.

    Cover, IP65, lifespan: more than 20 years.

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  • C. Light Pole

    Pole height from 3M to 12M and thickness: 1mm to 4mm.

    Hot dip-galvanized(HDG)only, HDG plus powder coated.

    With Arm, Bracket, Flange, Fittings.

  • D. Intelligent Solar Controller (PWM/MPPT Type)

    LCD display.

    Dual USB charging port.

    Display battery voltage and power.

    Adjustable light control time control.

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  • E1. Gel Battery (For bad Sun Condition Area In winter like Canada)

    Top grade lead materials, purity near 100%.

    Contains nano-scale gel electrolyte.

    Sealed without electrolyte leakage.

    Superior performance in high and cold environment.

  • E2. Lithium battery ( For good Sun Condition Area like Africa)

    Long service lifespan, with charge and discharge cycle over 1500 times.

    Fast charging speed, 1.5times than the normal battery.

    High depth-of-discharge, depth-of discharge of 95%.

    Large battery capacity, 5 times than the normal battery.

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  • F. Base Foundation and Fittings

    Assemble Design M20*1.2m J bolts.

    Suitable for Pole Flange Size.


Packaging of LED Solar Street Light:

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  • Rolled Cople for pipe

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