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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Magnetron manufacturer and supplier.

Magnetron is an electrical vacuum device used to generate microwave energy. It is essentially a diode placed in a constant magnetic field. Under the control of constant magnetic field and constant electric field, electrons in the tube interact with high frequency electromagnetic field, which transforms the energy obtained from constant electric field into microwave energy, so as to achieve the purpose of generating microwave energy. The magnetron consists of a sealed vacuum tube with a cylindrical central cathode (electron source) placed in a cylindrical anode. Electrons are attracted to the anode by the electrostatic field. A stable magnetic field along the axis of the vacuum tube makes the electron deviate from its radial path and revolves around the cathode, resulting in microwave frequency oscillation. It is widely used in radar generator.

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    1. Rated voltage: 4200 (V)

    2. Rated current: 0.3A

    3. Contact resistance: 0.042 Ω

    4. Insulation resistance: 50 (m Ω)

    5. Power: 1000w-1250w

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    1. Electronic countermeasures

    2. Industrial heating

    3. Microwave therapy

    4. Improve the anti-jamming ability of radar

    5. Microwave oven


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    1. High power.

    2. High efficiency

    3. Low working voltage

    4. Small size.

    5. Light weight

    6. Low cost.

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