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Oxygen Gas Cylinders

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  • Dimension: 10L-50L
  • Place of Origin:CHINA

Shanghai Mac Corporation has the production qualification of steel seamless gas cylinders and welded gas cylinders issued by AQSIQ, and the products produced have passed GB/T5099, GB/T5842, GB/T5100, ISO 9001, ISO 9809-1, ISO 9809-3 quality certification, obtained EU TPED, German TUV certification, Korean KGS certification, and are in the process of US DOT certification.

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    Standard: ISO 9001, ISO 9809-1, ISO 9809-3

    Material: 37Mn Steel

    Water Capacity: 10L-50L

    Work Pressure: 150Bar/200Bar

    Production description:

    Medical grade oxygen, high oxygen concentration, reliable sealing, large capacity

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    Oxygen cylinder is a high pressure container for storing and transporting oxygen, the shoulder of the cylinder is marked with the working pressure, test pressure, volume, weight and other information of the steel seal, the surface is painted sky blue, and the word "oxygen" is written in black.


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    1.Surgical Operation Of Oxygen

    2. Altitude Sickness Highland Anoxia

    3. Hypoxia Caused By Disease

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Technical Information of Oxygen Gas Cylinder:

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The unit of measurement for the size of medical oxygen cylinders is the volume unit: liters

The size of a medical oxygen cylinder is measured in liters. A 10 liter cylinder indicates that it can hold approximately 10 liters of water, while a 40 liter cylinder can hold 40 liters of water.

A full cylinder has approximately 135 to 150 atmospheres of pressure inside.

The larger the volume the more oxygen is loaded, the pressure in a filled cylinder is the same, independent of the volume of the cylinder.

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