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SMC Group HK Ltd is a leading PCTFE rod(PCTFE bar) manufacturer and supplier.

A unique fluoropolymer with both chlorine and fluorine in its composition, PCTFE has high compressive strength and stability over a wide range of temperatures. It is a rigid material that exhibits good dimensional stability and low deformation under load. This material has near zero moisture absorption and will retain its dimensional stability in humid or marine environments. PCTFE is radiation resistant and non-flammable. It will continue to perform well in in extreme temperatures ranging from -400°F to 284°F.

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    Diameter: 4mm--300mm

    Length: according to your requirement

    Apparent density: 1.5g/cm3 g/cm3

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    Good dimensional stability and rigidity

    Low deformation under load

    Near zero moisture absorption/span>

    Resistant to radiation


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    PCTFE can be processed by compression or extrusion; it can also be made into an aqueous dis-persion for coating, impregnation or fiber making. PCTFE is widely used in atomic energy, aero- space, electronics, electrical, chemical, mechanical, instrument, instrument, construction, communication machinery and other industries as high and low temperature resistant, corrosion resistant materials, insulating materials, antistick coatings, etc.

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Package: wooden box

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  • Rolled Cople for pipe

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