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Plant Protection Drone

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The Plant protection drone is an economical and practical spraying platform specially developed, designed and manufactured by our company for tens of thousands of mu farmers.

This model has been repeatedly and rigorously tested and optimized for structural design many times, which makes the model have the advantages of lightness, flexibility, stability, simple operation, safety and reliability, simple maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

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    1. The fuselage adopts a closed design, which effectively prevents pesticides from entering the flight control system. Provide security for long-term operations.

    2. The plant protection machine has built-in GPS and compass module, with fixed-height and fixed-point flight function, which can well maintain the spray height and spray route accuracy of the operation;

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  • 3. The height limit and flight speed limit of line spraying operation can be set. The high-pressure spraying system has a good atomization effect. Under the wind pressure of the aircraft, the medicine mist has the characteristics of strong penetration, and the medicine mist particles can reach the stem and crop leaves.

    4. Adopt industrial-grade flight control system, with the safety protection function of automatic return-to-home in case of loss of control

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