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Portable Oxygen Gas Detector

  • Model Number:
  • Dimension: 270*75*41mm
  • Place of Origin:China

Shanghai Mac Corporation is an professional manufacturer on gas detector machines and many other electromechanical machines since 2010.Our products have been highly recognized by clients from U.S, Canada, Europe, India, South America, Southeastern Asia, etc. We have our own special producing engineering for all of our machines, which need much more working and to use much better material on the products, and then make the quality much better than others, as you can check from the customer reviews on the comparing ours with others.

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    1. 3.5 inch high-definition color screen

    1). The outer casing is made of aviation wear-resistant material

    2). Adopt 3.5-inch high-definition color screen, high resolution, wide viewing angle

    2.Flashlight function, optional fall alarm function

    1). Exclusive design - a flashlight function that illuminates the darkness for certain workplaces and make Underground work easier

    2). Optional fall alarm function to ensure the safety of underground workers is more secure

    3.Multi-gas test, display mode switch

    1). It can simultaneously detect up to 1-6 gas concentrations

    2). Data show that the gas concentration, gas concentration curve in real time display mode can be arbitrarily switched

    4.Flexible and adjustable pumping system, multi-layer filter

    1). Built-in gas sampling pump, the pump's flow rate is adjustable in ten steps, which can customize the gas detection flow for different detection environments.

    2). Three-layer filter unit is built in to efficiently filter oil, water, dust and other impurities. Even in the most demanding industrial environment, the test results can still be trusted.

    5. powerful, more user-friendly operation

    1). Support multiple gas display units to switch freely, the concentration value is automatically converted by the system

    2). With timed shutdown function, intelligent settings

    3). Sensor overload automatic protection

    4). Micro-USB charging interface design can be charged anytime, anywhere with common data lines and mobile power

    5). Standard 8G large-capacity memory card, support one-click download function, optional PC storage software download analysis data, storage data format diversification

    6). Optional external Bluetooth printer for detecting data for mobile printing

    7). One-click screen capture function, save test data and curve in picture form





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Packaging of Portable Oxygen Gas Detector:

Standard export packing, fit for multiple handing and long distance air/ marine shipping.


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