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Pps Plastic Sheet Plate Rod Tube

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Pps Plastic Sheet Plate Rod Tube manufacturer and supplier.

PPS(Polyphenylene sulfide) is a semi-crystalline high performance thermoplastic with optimised tribological properties for demanding bearing and friction requirements. The molecular structure of PPS is comparatively simple, and the main molecular chain is alternately arrayed by benzene rings and sulfuratoms, lots of rings and sulfur and sulfuratoms supplies PPS with the rigidity resistance as well as the pliancy resistance. The inner symme trical molecular structure makes PPS easily crystal, non-polarity, good electrical resistance and low water absorption and so on.

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    1) Color:Natural,Black,Khaki and so on.

    2) PPS Sheet Size:500X1000X(Thickness:1-100mm),600X1200X(Thickness:1-100mm), or customized

    3) PPS Rod Size:Φ6-Φ200X1000mm, or customized

    4) PPS Tube Size:(OD)30-800X (ID)20-600X length(500-1000mm), or customized

    5) Raw Material: PPS unfilled, PPS GF30, PPS GF40, PPS Bearing grade

    6) Certificate: ISO9001 ROHS

    7) Free Sample: Yes

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    1) Excellent heat resistance

    2) High mechanic strength

    3) Chemical resistance


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    1) Chemical engineering

    2) Plant construction

    3) Aircraft

    4) Aerospace industry

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