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Start-stop Sensor

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading automatic water supply Start-stop sensor manufacturer and supplier.

The sensor uses the method of measuring the magnetic field to indirectly measure the working state of the equipment. A magnetic field must be generated around the energized conductor, and whether there is a magnetic field around the cable is detected, that is, whether there is current passing through the cable, and the on/off status of the equipment can be identified. The underground electromechanical equipment is three-phase power supply. The three-phase core wire in the cable is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. On the cable sheath, there is always a point that is not equidistant from the three-phase core wire. The magnetic field formed by this point is close to The core wire plays a leading role. Using the detection coil in the sensor head, close to the one-phase core wire in the cable, the weak magnetic induction signal can be measured. The greater the power supply current, the stronger the induction signal. The sensed signal is amplified, detected, and converted, and then output, and the equipment start/stop information is transmitted to the information substation, and then transmitted to the ground from the substation.

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    This device is suitable for all kinds of AC-driven electrical equipment underground. When the supply current is not less than 10A, the on/off status of the equipment can be detected.

    The sensor is clamped on the cable sheath, and it is suitable for the outer diameter of the power supply cable in the range of Ø18~Ø75mm.

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    The equipment start-stop sensor is mainly used to detect the operating status (referring to the on/off state) of the main electromechanical equipment in the coal mine (such as coal shearers, conveyors, hoists, pumping stations, local fans, exhaust fans, generators, etc.)


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    The shell is made of aluminum alloy (or plastic), the fixing clip is made of steel plate, and the sensor is fixed on the cable sheath with it. There is a transparent window on the shell, and red and green light-emitting diodes are installed. The on/off status of the equipment. There is a potentiometer W1 that adjusts the amplification factor on the circuit board to adjust the sensitivity; there is a potentiometer W2 that adjusts the output constant current to adjust the output current value in the range of 5±0.5mA.

    There are two types of clamps, large and small, to adapt to changes in the cables outer warp. The small one is suitable for Φ18~Φ45mm, and the large one is suitable for Φ45~Φ75mm.

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