Brief Introduction Of Mask Making Machine

The mask machine is a multi-layer non-woven fabric made by hot pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, ear strap bridge welding and other processes to produce various masks with certain filtering performance. The mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires The cooperation of multiple machines completes various processes.

Mask machine classification:

The mask production machines currently on the market include: HD-0301 plane mask machine, HD-0304 cup mask machine, duckbill mask machine, folding mask machine, gauze mask machine, etc.

The plane mask machine series can be divided into: the inner ear band mask machine, the outer ear band mask machine, the strap type mask machine, the mask body machine is required for the production of these three flat masks, it is Make up an integral part of the plane mask.

Chinese masks have already achieved assembly line production, under normal circumstances, generally a machine can produce 2 to 3 masks per second. So why is there a shortage of masks on the market when raw materials are available? Because the masks must be sterilized when they leave the factory. According to the official ministry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: China produces masks very fast, requiring only 0.5 seconds/piece, but the standard process of analysis and disinfection after production takes 7 days to half a month.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out in the official Weiwei that medical masks are sterilized with ethylene oxide. After sterilization, there will be residual ethylene oxide on the mask. The residual ethylene oxide must be released through analysis to meet the safety content standard Only after passing the test can it be shipped out of the market.

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